Digital Marketing

If your website is struggling to be found online, we can help. Today, business owners should know that your website is central to everything you do online. Your site is the first impression potential customers have about you and your business. Thus, you would want to make that a great impression to gain new customers.

We offer a bespoke web design service; so it makes no difference what industry you are in. We can develop a website to reflect your needs and requirements. We will develop your site the correct way the first time; keep in mind we are also the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gurus who “live” online. We are the company that can get your website found online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
What is Search Engine Optimization? SEO addresses certain strategies and practices that search engines require to ‘see’, in order to consider your business relevant to the questions your target audience often are looking for. Thus,  if you do not optimize your website and its content correctly, your site will unlikely appear on the top of the search engines. In other words, your site won’t be in front of the customers.

Below is a list of SEO services we offer:Digital Marketing & SEO1. Planning and strategy
2. Keyword Research
3. Site Construction
4. Index inclusion
5. On-page optimization
6. Blog Inclusion
7. Video Marketing Planning
8. Link building
9. Social Media & Engagement
10. Structured SEO processes
11. Conversion efficiency
12. SEO copywriting

If you require more information on our SEO strategies please contact us for a free consultation.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing for Small and Local business
Content Marketing is of the utmost importance when it comes to gaining an online presence. One must keep in mind that content marketing and SEO are so interwoven that you cannot have one without the other. Here at WPprime, we believe that through smart content marketing, you can build a serious brand and authority for your small/local business online. However, make no mistake; it takes practice to produce quality content it’s not just a 5 line post on your blog.

You, as a business owner, have to realize that in order to have high-quality content, you need to integrate words with multimedia, video, and images. This approach is incorporated with a strong call to action to your visitors; hence, it gives the search engines motivation to list you in their SERP’S results.

Correct Content Marketing brings serious traffic
“Content is king.” This is undoubtedly the reality, as without content you are dead in the water. To be seen online you need to produce high-quality and appealing content. Times have changed and the old SEO techniques do not work anymore. The reason for this shift is that people are no longer interested in sales, talk hype and bs. People in today’s world want real content that informs, educates and helps. Therefore, we need to build a strong content and a coherent marketing strategy.

Create content for your customers
Here at WPprime, we know that quality content creates relevance, credibility and popularity. At the end of the day, when customers come to the search engines, they are not just looking for the most popular answer but also for the most relevant to them.

By being business owners and content creators, we have to understand the needs, wants and desires of our customers and clients, as we are trying to satisfy them through our products and services. Therefore, your content should firstly be tailored to people and secondly to the search engines; that way, you will satisfy your objective of developing and expanding your business through satisfying your customers.

Links building
The truth is that links do not have the same influence as they once had. Here at WPprime, we believe in building links in a natural way through constant content creation. We have to understand that the major ranking factors today are quality content, solid information, honest brand building and high-quality content; this is what the search engines are looking for.

Therefore, this is what you need to remember: Links will develop over time naturally through content creation.

WPprime Content Marketers
We started out choosing WordPress because it’s THE most popular CMS platform out there. We believe that with a regular content creation, smart SEO approach, and a search-engines friendly CMS platform like that of WordPress, we have what your business needs rank well online.

As a business owner, you have to realize that a few info pages about our business products or services is just not good enough. We have to produce content on a regular basis; in order to gain an online presence and also to increase the return on our customer rate. If we come close to our customers and understand what they are seeking for, then we can satisfy their demands and answer their questions through the production of fresh content. This approach will also satisfy our SEO requirements.

Our team here at WPprime is devoted to growing your brand through a combination of onsite and offsite content creation and marketing. Keep in mind this is an ongoing process which will have a positive impact on your business going forward. Lastly, we would urge you not to forget that content creation and content marketing are highly interconnected with SEO as the path to your digital marketing success.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing (SMM) is getting more and more important when it comes to digital marketing, as there is an increasing emphasis by the search engines on social signals. Many small/local business owners overlook the power and potential of social media. Many business owners do not treat social media as the serious marketing tool it is. Equally, many are intimidated by the engagement factor or confused by the various platforms.  Do not worry; we can help you set them up, manage and integrate them in the correct way.

There is no denying that when studying Social Media Marketing and seeing the direction it is taking, one realizes how imperative it is, for small/local businesses, to maintain and manage their social media platforms correctly. The future and success of your business will be determined by it.

Social Media Hype
The fact is that there is loads of hype surrounding social media; which platforms are best, which tactics and strategies to use and many more. My first advice is not to worry, as we are here to help. The first thing in managing your social media effort is to keep it simple. When it comes to social media marketing, one must apply the K.I.S.S (Keep It Short & Simple) principle.  Keep in mind your social media effort is all about engaging with others through sharing their content and yours.

Too many businesses online focus solely on themselves; this is a mistake.  We live in an online social world, where everything is about engagement and sharing. Therefore, one needs to interact, engage and keep themselves active in order to develop a successful online strategy. Keep in mind this “caring” and “sharing” approach is extremely beneficial to you, as it can cause a viral effect on your business. If you have the correct optimization in place, e.g quality content, sales pages or videos, you will increase the possibility of your online presence exploding.

Spread your marketing net with Social media platforms
Below is a list of a number of important platforms. It is also worth keeping in mind that as a small/local business, you will need to have a minimum of 3 accounts.

1. Google +
2. Pinterest
3. Facebook
4. LinkedIn
5. Twitter
6. YouTube
7. Forums

These platforms increase your visibility and help you target customers from a different angle. They also allow you to strengthen your marketing effort tenfold. A different platform, that many small/local business overlook, is local listing and citations from to Google Places and Various others also exist and can be a part of your social effort, drawing customers to your business.

We should all understand that social media is now the new “word of mouth” or “word of mouse”;  a powerful phenomenon, which needs you to be present. Social media is only growing and we have the skills, knowledge and understanding to develop the “social connections” for you to thrive in this aspect of marketing by creating friends and partnerships online.